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WorkOnIT for Enterprises - Helping organizations Mobilize Their Learning

Marshall McLuhan, the 1960s communications guru, wrote, We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.” That is why each new technology tries to use the content and methods from the previous technology. Version 1.0 of a technology is mostly about the ideas of the past. Version 2.0 starts when someone starts to develop new applications that use the unique affordances of the new technology. WorkOnIT is Version 2.0 of Mobile Learning!


Organizations have difficulties in supporting people in developing themselves on an ongoing basis.  Traditional developmental programs are focused on pre-defined learning interventions that are typically short in duration.  The challenge for organizations is how to support people outside of those learning interventions, every day, in a cost effective manner. 


The WorkOnIT mobile platform allows organizations to deploy mobile based learning and support systems for developing people. WorkOnIT brings learning and development to your people in an easily accessible, anytime, anywhere, platform that encourages snack learning, knowledge sharing (social learning), and giving and receiving feedback.

WorkOnIT helps translate your learning into action by mobilizing and contextualizing information. It takes the learning off the shelves and out of the binders and puts it at your people’s finger tips. Whether that is official company policies, managerial guidelines, leadership models or even repair manuals, WorkOnIT can take that content and organize and mobilize it. Making content available where and when people need it, helps them to connect the learning with the job making them more efficient and more productive.

WorkOnIT is available as a customized mobile application offering a closed environment for your organization to define, share and work on specific developmental initiatives. Here are some of the things you can do with the WorkOnIT platform: 

  • Support your Coaching/Mentoring. Bring your coaching and mentoring initiatives to a new level of effectiveness with better organization and tracking of goals. Connect people more closely with their coaches using real time messaging and push alerts, enabling them to offer advice and support more often with spending less time. Put a number to your coaching effectiveness by using our analytics to show exactly what was accomplished and in what time period.
  • Utilize a more employee friendly system for tracking OKRs (KPIs). No cumbersome Websites or internal systems to navigate, just a couple of taps on their mobile phone and your people can report progress.
  • Mobilize your organizational critical content. Take your existing content and organize it for mobile use, everyday, on the job, helping people learn as they work. Get rid of those management handbooks and files floating around your Intranet and put them at your people's finger tips for quick reference.
  • Take advantage of social learning. WorkOnIT creates an environment where people can learn easily from one another. Capture best practices in your business as they happen and share it easily across the organization.
  • Utilize push messaging as a channel to make your communications more effective. WorkOnIT allows push messaging notifications not only from a centralized point, but we utilize it as a method to connect and push update between individual people, encouraging social learning - think of it as a your own focused Twitter platform.
  • Analyze your mobile initiatives in real time. Easily track usage from several viewpoints and get an overall picture of how people are using the platform. When implemented across your organization, you have an ongoing "needs assessment" that identifies problem areas where you should put more of your training resources.
  • Secure and scalable.  Our service is built utilizing services (a Facebook owned company with Amazon web servers in the backend).  Their system is highly secure, cloud based, and provides true global coverage.  Parse currently powers more than 100 000 apps including some of the largest (see

    We can take care of as much or as little as you wish.  We offer full outsourcing service to convert your materials to use within WorkOnIt as well as reporting and analytical services.  If you prefer to do it yourself, our platform allows you to do that.  Everything from mobilizing your materials, to sending custom push messages to users, to analyzing usage all from your web browser.  Nothing to install and available anywhere you have an Internet connection.

    Data security is built in.  Parse offers industry standard security in compliance with the highest standards (for more information visit: ).  Your data is safe and secure.  If you choose to sever your relationship with us you can take your data with you easily.  Your data can be exported to common file formats that can be accessed easily by simple data programs like excel.  Users of the WorkOnIT app have the ability to erase their data as they wish, deleting it permanently from the system from within the app anytime, anywhere.  They choose whom they connect with, what access they have to which goals (if any) and when to terminate access – complete transparency and complete control.